Company name: MAIDIAG WINES


Email: contact@MAIDIAG

Social capital: 3 000 €

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Article 1. Application of the present general terms of sales

In order to buy from MAIDIAG WINES on the website , you must do so according to these terms and conditions. These conditions are available on the start page of the website. This way, it is possible to become aware of them even before placing an order. So by purchasing, you are agreeing to be bound by them, excluding all other documents published by the seller, such as leaflets or catalogues that are only indicative. If the seller doesn’t respect these conditions at one specific moment, it doesn’t mean that the seller is renouncing to them and won’t enforce them later. Without any special mention agreed in writing between the two parties, all the orders are submitted to these conditions. Our products are exclusively reserved to particulars, excluding the professional retailers. The buyer declares having read and agreed to the present terms and conditions before confirming the order. Confirming the order thus asserts accepting these conditions. Those ones might be modified, but the applicable conditions will be the one available on the website at the date when the order has been placed.

Article 2. Sales and payment

Orders shall be considered definitive after reception of full payment. The different payment methods are: credit card, PayPal,. The bill is established by MAIDIAG WINES and is available in the “Order history and details” section on the customer’s account. If the buyer wishes to receive it by e-mail, he/she has to ask for it to our customer service (contact@MAIDIAG MAIDIAG WINES uses a secure payment system with the standard security technology of SSL, the currently safest and most widely used encryption, to process all transactions. The credit card and bank details are coded and redirected to our payment processor – Banque populaire des Alpes – without navigating through the website. Thus MAIDIAG WINES does not record or store any information anywhere on the systems or premises. The wines are MAIDIAG WINES’ property until full payment of the bill, in accordance with the law n°80 336 of 1 May 1980. However, the buyer becomes responsible for the goods once they have been delivered; the transfer of goods is associated with the transfer of responsibility. All offers are valid within the limits of available stocks without obligation and unless sold in the meantime. Some products are rare or subject to speculation: they might be subject to quantity restriction. In such case, the limit quantity is understood per family (same name, same address, same e-mail address, same credit card or same bank account’s owner) and MAIDIAG WINES reserves the right to refuse an order in case of doubt of a previous similar order. All products signaled as “under 10 days” on the website are valid within the limits of available stocks announced by the domain or merchant that offer the product.

Article 3. Prices

All prices are quoted in euros and include taxes (Spanish taxes and all other applicable taxes), unless sold and without obligation. We offer the possibility to pay in pounds, but every transaction is immediately converted into euros according to the conversion rate of the day. MAIDIAG WINES won’t thus be responsible for any change of price expressed in pound of an order or product. The prices are subject to typographical and display error. MAIDIAG WINES makes every effort to ensure that prices and descriptions are accurate at the time you place the order. But in the unlikely event that the price shown is wrong, MAIDIAG WINES is not required to sell the goods to the buyer at that price. In case of an error in the price of products already ordered, MAIDIAG WINES will contact the buyer as soon as possible in order to give either the option of reconfirming the order at the correct price or cancelling it. The price indicated on the description of the product does not include the delivery fees. All delivery charges are additional. The delivery fees depend on the country of destination, on the number of bottles in the order and/or on the amount of the products. The total amount to be paid is indicated on the confirmation given by MAIDIAG WINES. This amount includes the prices of the products, the taxes, the handling, packing and conservation costs and the administration and delivery fees. MAIDIAG WINES reserves the right to change the prices at any time. All promotional campaigns (vouchers, discount codes, etc.) are limited to one person per family and per campaign. MAIDIAG WINES reserves the right to refuse the orders that does not fulfill this criterion.

Article 4. Availability

Wine is a product subject to vintage changes. Every effort will be made to supply the vintage ordered, but in certain instances MAIDIAG WINES reserves the right to supply an alternative vintage provided the quality is comparable and the cost is no greater to the buyer. In the event of a permanent stock shortage, MAIDIAG WINES will inform the buyer as soon as possible and propose different solutions:

– Replacement of the product by the same wine but next vintage, or by another product from the same or higher quality at the same price,

– Refund of the missing product or of the entire order, according to the customer’s preference,

– In case of a temporary stock shortage, it is also possible for the buyer to wait for the resupplying.

Article 5. Fraud prevention

In case of refusal of your order by our verification service, MAIDIAG WINES is able to demand the copy of a valid identity card and proof of address. In the event of a refusal by the client or of the nonconformity of those papers, MAIDIAG WINES can ONLY accept a payment via bank transfer (MAIDIAG WINES will cancel any other payments made via credit card or PayPal as soon as the money transfer is received).

Article 6. Shipping

MAIDIAG WINES accepts and sends an order after reception of full payment and agreement of the verification service. The goods are delivered to the private address of the buyer or to the address that has been indicated and selected during the order. The information given by the buyer during order completion engages the buyer: MAIDIAG WINES won’t be responsible in case of mistake or lack in the addressee’s details. In case of return of the goods, two options will be proposed to the buyer:

– Either a re-shipment of the goods after participation of the buyer to the delivery fees for the new expedition (within the limits of available stocks),

– Or a refund of the products, excluding the delivery fees.

An order can be delivered in only one place and cannot be split to be delivered in two or more different places.

Article 7. Delivery

MAIDIAG WINES undertakes to deliver the goods the earliest possible and conform to the description of each product available on the website. Delays depend on availability of the products, on the type of shipping chosen and on the country of destination. If the buyer chooses products under resupplying, the goods will be sent only once all products are available. If the delays of resupplying cannot be respected, the buyer will be informed at the earliest and will be able either to wait until resupplying, cancel the order or change the products in order to have the order on time. The goods are delivered against signature within the delay indicated in the section “Shipping and delivery”. All the delays indicated in the section are an estimate only and cannot be considered as a legal obligation. If the addressee is not there the driver will leave a card for the addressee to arrange a more convenient delivery time or to indicate where the order is available for a pick up. If the driver leaves a card because the addressee is out, this will count as an attempted delivery. The delivery delays go from the order confirmation, the reception of full payment of the order, the bank authorization (for payment by credit card) and the agreement of our verification service. The seller is not required to deliver in case of major force: war, riot, fire, strike, accidents. Goods are transported at recipient’s risk. The recipient thus has to check the contain of the parcel(s) and to notify any lack, damage or non-conformity on the delivery slip (paper or electronic) in presence of the deliveryman. It must then be notified to MAIDIAG WINES by mail, e-mail (see the section “contact” for more details) within 21 days.

Article 8. Intracommunity delivery

Every order placed on and delivered in a country of the European Union shall be liable to the Spanish law and VAT. Thus, when a customer wishes to have these goods delivered in a country of the European Union, MAIDIAG WINES undertakes to ship the goods in its name and on its behalf with the delivery company of its choice. MAIDIAG WINES does not deliver to countries outside the European Union. According to French law, each shipment to a country of the European Union is restricted to 90L (i.e. 120 bottles of 0.75L) for wines and 60L (i.e. 80 bottles of 0.75L) for sparkling wines, so 120 bottles for mixed orders, without exceeding the 60L limit for sparkling wines. By accepting these general terms and conditions while completing the order, the buyer certifies to know these present disposals and accept them. If an order exceeds the limit, MAIDIAG WINES will refuse the order and will propose an alternative solution. For more information, please contact our customer service at contact@MAIDIAG

Article 9. Withdrawal

In accordance with article L.121-20 of the Spanish Consumer Code, users have 10 clear days after the delivery to return a product that they are not satisfied with and then get a refund or a replacement. The product(s) shall be in good shape, in the original packaging and accompanied by the invoice. In case some products would have been used or consumed, they will be deducted from the refund. The return charges shall be paid by the user who can choose the delivery company which will return the goods. Goods transit at buyer’s risks. To speed the process, the user should inform MAIDIAG WINES’ customer service by e-mail. In case the buyer notes an error from MAIDIAG WINES (example: wrong product delivered), he or she has to notify it on the delivery slip. MAIDIAG WINES will refund the delivery fees and find an agreement either to replace, return or refund the products.

Article 10. In the event of litigation

The present terms and conditions shall be liable to spanish law. In case of litigation, the buyer shall as a matter of priority treat with MAIDIAG WINES in order to solve the problem amicably. Otherwise, all conflicts will fall within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.

Article 11. Legal information

In accordance with the law n°74-631 of 5th July 1974 and the order n°59-107 of 7th January 1959, MAIDIAG WINES won’t sell wine to anyone who is not 18 years old or over. By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he or she is at least 18 years old and is legally capable of entering into binding contracts. Alcohol abuse can seriously damage the health. It is a product to drink and enjoy with moderation. In accordance with article 27 of Law n°78-17 from January 6th 1978, personal data are used to provide the customer with information and services that he or she may request. The customer has the right of access and rectification of the data recorded. All these information (name, address) are exclusively used by MAIDIAG WINES. MAIDIAG WINES is registered to the CNIL. The payment system uses SSL-encryption in order to protect the personal information and bank data of the buyer from being accessed by third parties.

Article 12. Best Price guarantee

Within a period of 10 calendar days following the date of delivery of the purchased articles on MAIDIAG, MAIDIAG WINES shall refund any price difference that occurred on the purchased goods of which the client would have noticed a price difference to his disadvantage. This guarantee applies when a strictly identical product (same vintner, same estate, same chateau, same vintage, same colour, same content, same certified origin) is found at a lower price on an online shop (online wine and champagne shop with a credit card payment method directly through the website) whose estate name is a registered trademark and whose corporate owner is registered in the Trade and Companies Register. The guarantee will be invalid for private online shops, internet auction sites, online stores for private sales (access to the website via a registration, username and password) and private vendor websites, as well as websites in liquidation (declared to be in suspension of payments or liquidation proceedings by the RCS) punctually organizing bin end sales and/or selling at a loss. The comparison and the refund of the difference applies to those articles “including delivery” between the compared website and MAIDIAG WINES, that is to say that the practiced shipping costs are an integral part of the full cost prices of the compared articles. You can simply write an email with recorded delivery to contact@MAIDIAG within the deadline, giving details of the seller and the observed price. You will get an answer within 72 business hours about the comparison and the confirmation and payment method of the payoff due.

Article 13. Privacy policy

The personal data collected are meant to meet your expectations and to process your orders. In accordance with the law n°78-17 of January 1978 the 6th on data storage, files and freedoms, you are entitled to consult, correct and erase the personal details you gave to MAIDIAG WINES. You may exercise this right either on your customer account or by contacting our customer service (e-mail: contact@MAIDIAG