An easy-to-drink wine which is enjoyable all year round and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Appellation: Côtes de Provence

Grape varieties: 60% Syrah – 15% Grenache – 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon – 10% Carignan

Year: 2015

Vinification method: Cold maceration for five days before fermentation, regular pushing down of floating skins into the fermenting wine by hand (pigeages), relatively short maceration.

Ageing: Aged in stainless steel vats with regular racking to soften the tannins and clarify the wine.

Tasting: Wine with a crimson robe featuring purplish glints. Pleasing nose of violets and red berries. Pleasant and slightly sweet attack on the palate with the same aromatic notes as the nose. Long intense finish for lasting pleasure.

Food pairings: Ideal with a mixed grill, white and red meats, spicy dishes and light cheeses. This wine is the perfect partner for Mediterranean-style cuisine – a wine to always have at home for impromptu dinner parties. Try with a rack of lamb.

Conservation: Drink within five years of vintage.


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